NCIBI - "Try Our Tools" Virtual Workshops

At our Annual Research Meeting in 2010, we ran four tutorial workshops. We have made these tutorials and videos of the workshops available from this page below.

Support files for the workshops can be found below including Cytoscape with the required pugins for the MetScape workshop.

We also have archived our Virtual Workshops from the NCIBI Annual Research Meeting in 2009.

Virtual Workshops

Below are the video workshops as well as links to download the files and the user manuals you will need to download and access for each demonstration module during the workshop.


ConceptGen WorkshopModule 1: ConceptGen

Related files:
ConceptGen User Manual






PubAnatomy WorkshopModule 2: PubAnatomy

Launch PubAnatomy workshop video

Related files:
PubAnatomy User Manual






MetScape WorkshopModule 3: MetScape

Launch MetScape workshop video

Related files:
MetScape User Manual






Web services WorkshopModule 4: Programic Interfaces and Web Services

Launch Web Services workshop video

Related files:
Webservices User Manual






Download all workshop files in zip format

Workshop Support Files - includes all user manuals and Cytoscape with Metscape plugin (120MB .zip) *

* See the readme.txt file contained in the zip archive for file and installation details.