Tools & Technology Seminar series

NCIBI holds a weekly seminar each Thursday, at 12 noon EST, highlighting a tool or technology that is under development or currently being used by NCIBI researchers. These seminars are streamed live using Adobe Connect and are also are archived and made available on the list below for future viewing via Flash video streaming.

The aim of the NCIBI Tools & Technology Seminar Series is to have open and interactive discussions about the software tools and technologies being used in NCIBI led by the people doing the work. Participation is strictly voluntary and based on interest. Collaborators and other interested parties are welcome to attend.

Seminar Title
Related Resources
4-28-16 Ye Li "PubChem: Connected Data and Information on Small Molecules" PubChem
4-21-16 Becky Steck and Ross Patterson "Nephroseq: A gene expression data mining application for kidney disease" Nephroseq Website
3-31-16 Guanming Wu "Reactome Functional Interaction Network and its Application in Cancer Research" Reactome Website
3-17-16 Sayantan Das "Next Generation Imputation Methods" Minimac3
3-3-16 Negar Farzaneh and Kayvan Najarian "MATLAB and Simulink: Simulation Tools for Scientific Computing" Najarian Lab
2-18-16 Kevin He "Variable selection in survival analysis with high-dimensional covariates"  
2-11-16 Margaret Hedstrom "SEAD: Data management, publishing and archiving services" SEAD Website
2-4-16 Issam El Naqa Outcome Modeling In Radiotherapy and Oncology: Listening to the Data  
1-21-16 Chris Gates "Three habits to bridge research code and sustainable software" Slides (PDF)
1-14-16 Adrian Tan "vt - a short genetic variant calling and analysis tool" vt
12-17-2015 Wallace Chan "Ligand-Based Virtual Screening for G Protein-Coupled Receptors" Zhang Lab/ GLASS
12-10-2015 Melissa Duhaime "Omics approaches to study the ecology of uncultivated viruses" Duhaime Lab
12-3-2015 Lada Koneva "Identification and characterization of genic HPV integration events in oropharynx and oral cavity tumors" The Sartor Lab
11-19-2015 Chih-Chiang Tsou "DIA-Umpire: comprehensive computational framework for data-independent acquisition proteomics" Nesvizhkii Lab
11-5-2015 Alex Tsoi "Identification and interpretation of psoriasis susceptibility loci" Web Page
10-29-2015 Shashank Jariwala "Developing integrated online tools for protein structural dynamics and evolutionary analysis" Grant lab
10-22-2015 Jun Li, Margit Burmeister "Identification of expanded repeat sequences in Illumina NGS exome data from ataxia patients"  
10-15-2015 Nils Walter "Using Computational and Bioinformatics Tools to Analyze Single Molecule Fluorescence Data" Walter Lab
10-8-2015 Jie Wang "Sparse Screening for Big Biomedical Data" Ye Lab Software
10-1-2015 Keqiang Li "CoolMap-based visualization and analysis of omics data"
9-24-2015 Tony Chun "SPECtre: spectral coherence-based classification of actively translated transcripts from ribosome profiling sequence data" Mills Lab
9-10-2015 Haiming Chen "Chromosome conformation capture to interrogate the 3D genome" Rajapakse Lab
5-22-2015 Hui Jiang "Unit-free and robust detection of differential expression from RNA-Seq data" Web Site
5-14-2015 Rada Mihalcea "Multimodal Sentiment Analysis" Web Site
5-7-2015 Ya Yang "Recent development in tools for homology inference, alignment and phylogenetic reconstruction" Stephen Smith Lab
4-30-2015 Ari Allyn-Feuer "EpiGWAS: Moving from association to predicted function on an increasingly automated basis" Athey Lab
3-26-2015 Damian Fermin "LuciPHOr: algorithm for phosphorylation site localization with false localization rate estimation using modified target-decoy approach" Nesvizhskii Lab Software
3-19-2015 Elsje Pienaar "Formulating multi-scale hybrid models to describe M. tuberculosis infection" Kirshner Lab
3-12-2015 Brian Athey "Big Data and Data Science: Hype or Reality" Athey Lab
3-5-2015 Jacob Kitzman "Massively parallel assays for functional interpretation of mutations" (Pending Publication)  
2-26-2015 David Shultis "Computational Protein Design" Zhang Lab
2-19-2015 Alex DaSilva "Brain: The Next Frontier in Personalized Pain Medicine and Technology" DaSilva Lab
2-12-2015 Alex Kalinin "#DeepLearning: The End of Machine Learning and Signal Processing"  
2-5-2015 Snehal Patil and Raymond Cavalcante "ConceptMetab: Exploring relationships among metabolite sets to identify links among biological concepts"  
1-29-2015 V. G. Vinod Vydiswaran and Yang Liu "Mining social media to analyze dissemination of health-related information and concerns"  
1-22-2015 Jungkap Park and Kazuhiro Saitou "ROTAS: a rotamer-dependent, atomic statistical potential for assessment and prediction of protein structures" ROTAS
1-15-2015 Billy Pozehl "Linear Programming Tools for Scheduling Trainees in Healthcare"  
12-11-2014 Josh Abramson "Synthetic Biology and the iGEM Competition"  
11-20-2014 Oliver He "OntoFox and Ontobee: Tools to support ontology reuse, browsing, and integration" OntoFox, Ontobee
11-13-2014 Bill Duren "MetScape: A Multi-Purpose Cytoscape App for Metabolomic Network Analysis" MetScape
10-30-2014 Ridvan Eksi IsoPred : Systematically Differentiating Functions for Alternatively Spliced Isoforms through Integrating RNA-seq Data  
10-2-2014 Brandon Govindarajoo Template Based Modeling of Protein Complexes  
9-25-2014 Shuang Feng RAREMETAL: fast and powerful meta-analysis for rare variants  
9-18-2014 Jim Cavalcoli Update on technology and bioinformatics for small genome resequencing  
5-29-2014 Marci Brandenburg An Overview of NCBI Tools  
5-22-2014 Jon Mowers Modeling Biological Pathways by Redefining Referencing using PubMow
5-8-2014 Justin Joque Visualization Services and Support in the Library  
5-1-2014 Robert Krasny A Treecode-Accelerated Boundary Integral Poisson-Boltzmann Solver for Electrostatics of Solvated Proteins  
4-3-2014 Sivaraj (Shiv) Sivaramakrishnan Tethering with an ER/K linker: tuning distance and interactions between proteins  
3-27-2014 Alexander Van Esbroeck Computational Prediction of Sudden Cardiac Death following Acute Coronary Syndrome  
3-20-2014 Xuefang Zhao Resolving Complex Structural Genomic Rearrangements Using a Randomized Approach  
3-13-2014 Craig Biwer An Introduction to Weka: Data Mining Software in Java  
3-6-2014 Aaron Bookvich An overview to some of the IT resources available to U-M Medical School staff, students, and faculty  
2-27-2014 Xinqiu Yao Nucleotide-dependent Transitions of the  α-subunit of Heterotrimeric G-proteins Probed with Multiscale Molecular Simulations  
2-20-2014 Scott Tomlins Targeted next generation sequencing of cancer using Ion Torrent technology  
2-13-2014  Kraig Stevenson Best practices for quantifying allele-specific expression from RNA-seq data  
2-6-2014 Marcin Cieslik Epicode: combinatorial epigenetic patterns as quantitative predictors of chromatin biology  
1-30-2014 Ivo Dinov SOCR Infrastructure for Technology-enhanced Trans-disciplinary Health Research & Science Education  
12-19-2013 Yongseok Park METHYLSIG: A Whole Genome DNA Methylation Analysis Pipeline  
12-12-2013 Kevin Smith News from the tranSMART Foundation:  Status of the tranSMART project  
12-5-2013 Jun Li  Subclone Evolution in Cancer: Data, Models, and Limitations  
11-21-2013 Gang (Gary) Yang PubAnatomy 3D:  Integrating Medline Exploration with Allen Mouse Brain Atlas  
11-1-2013 Brendan Veeneman Integrative analysis of RNAseq and Exome-seq datasets  
10-24-2013 Gang Su CoolMap for Multiscale Omics Data Exploration  
10-17-2013 David Sept Multisite Ion Models in Molecular Simulations  
10-3-2013 Kai Zheng Developing an Intelligent and Socially Oriented Search Query Recommendation Service for Facilitating Information Retrieval in Electronic Health Records  
9-27-2013 Steve Huang Aberrant DNA Methylome in Pulmonary Fibrosis and the Role of Endogenous Mediators  
9-19-2013 Chandra Bajaj High Resolution Modeling of the HIV-1 Spike Complex  
9-12-2013 Ted Hall Biomedical Visualization in the 3D Lab  
9-5-2013 Datta Mellacheruvu and Zach Wright Analysis of non-specific interactions in affinity purification mass spectrometry experiments using the CRAPome  
5-23-2013 Weisheng Wu A local Galaxy server for bioinformatics data analysis without programming  
5-2-2013 Mallory Freeberg A novel pipeline for identifying transcriptome-wide binding sites of RNA-binding protein from PAR-CLIP sequencing data  
4-25-2013 Jeremy Hallum Services for Computations and storage for researchers in the Medical School: Update for 2013  
4-18-2013 Guido Scarabelli Dynamical network analysis of kinesin motor domain  
4-11-2013 Dongxiao Zhu RNA-seq to Capture Transcriptome Landscape - Methods, Algorithms, and ComputationalTools  
4-4-2013 Jianyi Yang BioLiP: a semi-manually curated database for biologically relevant ligand–protein interactions  
3-28-2013 Hui Jiang Analyzing RNA-Seq data using rSeq  
3-21-2013 Michelle Wynn Using parameter free logic models to investigate network dynamics  
3-14-2013 Terry Weymouth Grails a framework for Web-Based application  
3-7-2013 George Michailidis Pathway enrichment tools:  statistical models and methodological issues  

Vasudeva Mahavisno

Developing Mobile applications for bioinformatics  
2-21-2013 Yanxiao Zhang PePr:  a Peak-calling and Prioritization pipeline to test group differences in ChIP-Seq data  
2-14-2013 Nickolay Khazanov Analysis of 3,000 Cancer Exomes to Identify Novel Cancer Drivers and Therapeutic Opportunities  
2-7-2013 Rich McEachin The Tuxedo RNA-Seq Analysis Suite  
1-31-2013 Terry Weymouth and Alex Ade Tools for software development: Git, the GitHub archive, and Jenkins  
1-24-2013 Ashwini Bhasi and Zach Wright Winnow: A tool to filter and prioritize NGS datasets to extract user-specific results  
1-17-2013 Mark Reppell Incorporating faster than exponential population growth into the coalescent using FTEC  
12-20-2012 Hyun Min Kang Genomes on the Cloud:  A scalable pipeline from raw sequence data to complex disease mapping  

Chao-Yie Yang 

Evaluation and identification of potential small molecule binding sites at protein-protein interaction interface  
12-6-2012 Stephen Smith Next generation phylogenetics: emerging technologies and techniques
for non model organisms
11-29-2012 Willy Wriggers Situs and Sculptor: Next Generation Tools for the Computational Interpretation of 3D Electron Microscopy and Tomography Data  
11-16-2012 Bob Lyons How to Keep Up in Genomics  
10-25-2012 Ulysses Balis Ephemeral Images, Indelible Data: The Promises and Challenges of Digital Imaging as Applied to Pathology  
10-18-2012 Cody Sheik Application of meta'omics to understand the microbiology of the deep-sea  
9-27-2012 Gang Su Tools for Network Analysis Roundup  
9-20-2012 Terry Weymouth, Brian Athey tranSMART  
9-13-2012 Alla Karnovsky Connecting metabolites to diseases  
9-6-2012 Matthew Iyer High-throughput RNA sequencing to comprehensively annotate the human cancer transcriptome  
5-10-12 Patrick Schloss Next generation sequencing and microbial ecology  
5-3-12 Curt Bagne Causality Assessment with Multiple Time Series Data (slides in PDF) (final annotated slides in PDF)  
4-26-12 Yongsheng Bai SNPAAMapper: an efficient genome-wide SNP variant analysis pipeline for next-generation sequencing data  
3-22-2012 Alfred Hero Biomarker discovery for predicting health and disease  
3-15-2012 Jeremy Hallum Flux: a computational tool for research at the University of Michigan  
3-8-2012 Barry Grant The Bio3D package for comparative analysis of protein sequence, structure and dynamics  
3-1-2012 Ryan Welch ChipEnrich: gene set enrichment for ChIP-seq data  
2-23-2012 Sira Sarntivijai Cell Line Ontology and the collaboration to move towards translational informatics  
2-16-2012 Datta Mellacheruvu and Zach Wright Building and Using Contaminant Repositories for Scoring Protein-Protein Interactions  
2-9-2012 Julie (Jung) Kim LRpath analysis reveals common pathways dysregulated via DNA methylation across cancer types  
2-2-2012 Yuanfang Guan Exploring on-line functional networks  
12-15-2011 Patrick Nelson Translating Glucose Variability Metrics into the Clinic via a Continuous Glucose Monitoring Graphical User Interface for Diabetes Evaluation (CGM-GUIDE)  
12-8-2011 Hui Jiang Read alignment for the next generation  
11-17-2011 Lior Shamir Bioimage Informatics: An emerging area of BioEngineering  
11-10-2011 David Hanauer Issues and Approaches for using Time and Motion Methods to Study Workflow in Health IT  
10-27-2011 Christoph Jacob Validation of Gene Ontology mapping results  
10-20-2011 Srayanta Mukherjee TACOS: Template based assembly of complex structures  
10-13-2011 Manhong Dai The MBNI Cloud+: Secure high performance biomedical computing through a cost effective co-op model  
10-6-2011 Ye Li Structure-based search for small molecules in biomedical research  
8-25-2011 Jim Cavalcoli, Yongsheng Bai, Yu-Hsuan Lin ISMB 2011 - Recap  
6-9-2011 Marci Brandenburg Exploring bioDBnet: A Database for Converting Between Database Identifiers  
6-2-2011 Aaron Bookvich and Zach Wright Building Websites and Custom Applications in Drupal  
5-26-2011 Susan Dombrowski Uncovering the Biology in Your Data with Genomatix Software  
3-31-2011 Debprakash Patnaik Discovering Excitatory Networks from Discrete Event Streams with Applications to Neuronal Spike Train Analysis  
1-20-2011 Sebastian Martini Functional genomic based hypothesis generation through combination of transcriptional modeling and pathway analysis in diabetic nephropathy  
1-13-2011 Gil Omenn The Emerging Global Human Proteome Project (HPP)  
11-18-2010 Alex Ade, Glenn Tarcea, and Zach Wright NCIBI Web Services - The Next Generation  
11-11-2010 Eric Shah A Synergistic Collaboration Between MiMI Molecular Interactions and Drug Path Oncology Pharma Pipeline Database  
10-28-2010 Alla Karnovsky, Terry Weymouth, Tim Hull, Glenn Tarcea  Linking Genes and Metabolites with Metscape 2.0  
09-30-2010 Zhenjun Hu Integration of VisANT and NCIBI Tools  
09-23-2010 Raphael Isokpehi Functional Annotation Analytics of Gene Families  
09-16-2010 Yongsheng Bai Illumina Genome Analyzer Pipeline & CASAVA  
09-10-2010 Rich McEachin Chip-Seq assessment of Growth Hormone Response via STAT and BCL transcription factor binding  
06-10-10Jen Steiner-TonksWhat Can Usability Tell Us About Interdisciplinarity?
06-03-10Jing ZhangTracing Provenance of MiMI Data  
05-27-10Anna ShaverdianAlgebra basis for biological network analysis
05-20-10Sirarat SarntivijaiNCIBI tools to translate clinical data to bioinformatics practice: a case study of Influenza vaccine adverse events
05-13-10Marcio MouraoMIKANA: Method for the Inference of Kinetics And Network Architecture
04-29-10Andrew HodgesEdge Clipper: A Computational Algorithm For Bayesian Consensus Network Refinement
04-08-10Gang SuIdentification of Significant Metabolic Fingerprints in NCI-60 Dataset
03-26-10Arzucan OzgurBiomedical Information Extraction and Literature-based Discovery
03-18-10Glenn TarceaMiMI Data Pipeline Load, merge & display Gene, Interactions & Metabolomics data at NCIBI
03-04-10Beth KirschnerBiositemaps - the CIRWP Explorer and the Editor
02-25-10Rich McEachinLithium in Bipolar Disorder
02-04-10Alex AdeUsing Web Services to Access NCIBI Data
01-21-10Tolulola OyeleyeAutomatic classification of bioinformatics abstract text
12-10-09Chris MaherAnalysis of Next Generation transcriptome sequencing to detect chimeric transcripts
11-11-09Weijian XuanPubAnatomy: Integrated Exploration of Biomedical Literature and Data in the Context of Mouse Brain Anatomy
11-05-09Josh Buckner"A gpu enabled package for the R statistical environment"
10-08-09Matt Huyck"An Overview of VisANT and a Peek Inside"
10-01-09Tolulola OyeleyeBioinformatics Tools Categorizer
09-17-09Alla KarnovskyOverview of the Tools for Visualization and Analysis of Biological Networks Containing Experimental Data
08-27-09Aaron BookvichThe NCIBI Portal: Highlights and Features
08-20-09Jing ZhangTracing Provenance of MiMI Data
08-13-09Yuehua CuiIdentifying novel pathway regulators in eQTL mapping: a systems biology approach Identifying novel pathway regulators in eQTL mapping: a systems biology approac
07-23-09Anna ShaverdianA Network Based Pattern Matching Approach to Protein Function Prediction  
06-18-09Abhik Shah"anyCloud: python library to run code on a variety of grids and cloud computing platforms"
06-11-09Sirarat Sarntivijai"Ontology Integration in the Framework of Translational Informatics"
06-04-09Haiming ChenFunctional analysis of gene expression data in bipolar disorder
05-21-09Gang SuRobust Estimation of Correlation between Metabolomics and Transcriptomics data
05-07-09Jim CavalcoliGenomic Resequencing using Illumina Technology Genomic Resequencing using Illumina Technology (Next-Gen Sequencing)
04-16-09Arzucan OzgurBiomedical Information Extraction using Text Mining and Network Analysis Methods
04-09-09Beth Kirschner"Biositemaps: what, why and how to use them"
04-02-09Ben KellerMolecular Psychiatry: It's not all downhill (Conference Report)
03-19-09Kay RobbinsBrowsing large scale microarray data sets
03-12-09Xiaosong Wang, Maureen SartorM-score statistics
03-05-09Yongsheng BaiUncovering Genetic Factors Contributing to Type 2 Diabetes an Diabetic Nephropathy
02-26-09Weijian XuanCross Internet Application Integration
01-22-09Rich McEachinComorbid Bipolar Disorder with Nicotine Addiction
12-04-08Mor PelegUsing the BioWorkflow model to represent and reason with biological systems
11-20-08Marci Brandenburg Life and Times of the Laptop Librarian
11-05-08Maureen Sartor, Vasu MahavishnuConceptgen: A concept mapping and gene annotation tool
10-30-08Qiang TianLoss of N-myc downstream-regulated gene 1 (NDRG1) increases prostate cancer cell invasion by upregulating CCL5
10-23-08Sharon LewisMolecular Genetic Analysis of COMT in Bipolar Disorder
10-16-08Wayne WilsonStorage trends and Medical School Information Systems response
08-28-08Manhong Dai, Tyler Brubaker, Walter MeixnerHigh performance computing with the Depression Center-NCIBI cluster
08-22-08Jim CavalcoliTechnology Basics: Nucleic Acid Hybridization and Sequencing Methods
06-25-08Lisa Allred, David HanauerThe Electronic Medical Record Search Engine (EMERSE)
06-05-08Santiago SchnellXPP/AUTO: A tool for solving differential equations in computational biology
05-29-08Jean Song, Marisa ConteMiSearch Evaluation: Pilot Usability Test
05-22-08Vince ChmielewskiEnhancing the NCIBI Development Process with JIRA: Bug tracking, issue tracking and project management software
03-14-08Mark IwenScalable Rule-Based Gene Expression Data Classification
03-06-08Manhong Dai, Justin WilsonCPU and Storage Clustering for Common Bioinformatics Problems
02-28-08David StatesMiMI R2
02-21-08Jim CavalcoliMBI-NextGen: Data Warehouse for NCIBI
02-07-08Terry WeymouthNCIBI Tools: Overall Architecture
01-31-08Alex AdeNLP with Pubmed Central and Full Text Databases
01-17-08Glenn TarceaMiMI Data Build and Merge Process
12-20-07Molly KleinmanCopyright Essentials for NCIBI
12-13-07Jun LiNext Generation Sequencing: Principle, Application and Challenge
11-29-07Jing GaoCytoscape MiMI Plugin
11-15-07Elvis JakupovicComparative Analysis of Abstracts from the Society for Neuroscience Meetings and Medline: Trends and Fun Facts
11-08-07Dave StrenskiSupercomputing using FPGA
10-25-07Fan MengIn silico evaluation of Knowledge-based data analysis results
10-18-07Steve QinLiterature-based distance measure reflects relationship among genes
10-11-07Fan MengFunctionScore: a flexible frame work for knowledge-based high throughput data analysis
10-04-07Abhik ShahBubble and Bayesian Networks in Biology
09-27-07Maureen SartorImprovements in genome-wide Microarray analysis and an application to ChIP-chip (chromatin immunoprecipitation on chip) data  
09-20-07Ben KellerRevisiting Genetic Influences
09-13-07Axel MosigReading the Genome between the Lines: Homology Search based non-coding RNA gene finding
09-06-07Naren RamakrishnanCompositional Mining of Multi-Relational Biological Datasets
08-23-07Tim Wiggin, Kelli SullivanMouse Models of Diabetic Complications
08-16-07Tim Wiggin, Kelli SullivanMicroarray Analysis of a Large Tissue Bank of Human Sural Nerves
08-09-07Jim CavalcoliRecap of 15th Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB)
07-26-07Sandeep TataPeriscope/SQ: Declarative Querying on Biological Sequence Databases
07-19-07Jignesh PatelSAGA and TALE update: NCIBI Graph Analysis Tools
07-12-07Andrea CalifanoCancer DBP Presentations NCIBI and MAGNET
07-05-07Rich McEachinPrioritizing Disease Genes by Analysis of Common Elements (PDG-ACE)
06-28-07Steve QinFlexible model-based clustering of gene expression microarray data using Chinese restaurant process
06-21-07Oliver HeWeb-based bioinformatics systems for study of pathogen-host interactions
05-24-07Ben KellerRecommendation within the Resourceome
05-17-07Jim CavalcoliSurvey of External Tools and Databases for use with NCIBI
05-10-07Terry Weymouth, Tim WigginGenePattern applications and integration in NCIBI
04-26-07Kai ZhengUser Interface Optimization for an Electronic Medical Record System
04-19-07Xiaosong WangFrom identification of a novel urine marker for bladder cancer to construction of human potential cancer targets database
04-12-07Barry SmithThe OBO Foundry: Towards Gold Standard Terminology Resources in the Biomedical Domain  
04-05-07Manhong Dai, Justin Wilson, Elvis JakupovicSupercomputing with Toys
03-29-07Weijian XuanPubViz: A Graphic Search Engine of Medline Database
03-22-07Beth KirschnerNCIBI Portal Workshop
03-15-07Ben KellerStrategies for Finding Genetic Interactions in Complex Disease
03-08-07Elvis Jakupovic, Bohua YuA RDF database for community-wide biomedical knowledge capture, integration and mining
03-01-07Michael ReichGenePattern 3.0 Preview
02-22-07Robert MurphyImage Data Integration
02-15-07Sirarat SarntivijaiAn Ontology Describing Cell Lines
02-08-07You Jung KimFollow up and next generation MiBLAST
02-01-07Junguk HurDefining Reactive Oxidant Genes
01-25-07Doug HockstadOverview of Technology Transfer
01-18-07Bohua Yu, Cong YuDatabase Schema Summarization
01-11-07Abhik ShahBayesian Networks
01-04-07Terry WeymouthMiMI
12-14-06Celine BerthierGene Expression Regulation in Renal Disease
12-07-06Carlos SantosNLP Resources at the NCIBI - Data Resources and Corpus Summarization
11-30-06Jim OttavianiDeep Blue
11-16-06Chris MungallChado Database
11-09-06Alex AdeSemantic Integration of NLP
10-26-06David StatesPathways and Microarrays GSEA <> ExpBlast
10-19-06Manhong DaiWeb-based GeneChip Analysis System
10-12-06Damian FerminWhole genome proteomics
10-05-06Anthony FaderLanguage processing, information retrieval, and summarization using clairlib
09-28-06Beth KirschnerThe Sakai Product, A Collaboration and Learning Environment
09-07-06Arvind RaoComputational Tools for Understanding Transcriptional Regulation
07-13-06Terry WeymouthThe Design of a geWorkbench Module
07-05-06Barbara MirelInteractive Visualizations, Re-envisioning Users' Exploratory Analysis
06-29-06Terry WeymouthBuilding a module in GenePattern
06-22-06Anne JacksonPotential uses of SNP annotation in the analysis of genome-wide association data from the FUSION type 2 diabetes study
06-15-06Aaron BookvichAn Introduction to Plone & The NCIBI Collaboration Sites
05-25-06Andy CairdA brief introduction to the Center for Advanced Computing
05-18-06Mark MusenBiomedical Ontology
05-11-06Michael ReichGenomic Analysis and Reproducible Research with GenePattern
05-04-06Damian FerminGenome Search for Novel ORFs Using the HUPO PPP Data
04-20-06Aris FloratosgeWorkbench
04-13-06Rich McEachinUnderstanding Genetic Influences on Susceptibility to Bipolar Disorder
04-06-06You Jung KimmiBLAST, Scalable evaluation of a batch of nucleotide sequence queries with BLAST
03-30-06Rich McEachinGeneGo
03-23-06Inna DubchakVISTA
03-16-06Glenn TarceaMiMI, A Biological Data Warehouse on a native-XML Database
03-09-06David StatesNCBI, OMIM and web resources for bioinformatics
02-16-06Aaron ElkissExtensible Information Retrieval with Apache Nutch
02-09-06Dragomir RadevNLP/IR Tools Developed at the CLAIR Lab
02-02-06Weijian XuanAutomated Extraction of Genetic Marker Information from Biomedical Literature
01-26-06Carlos SantosNLP in Biomedicine
01-19-06Yuanyuan TianSAGA, A fast and flexible graph matching tool
12-15-05Terry WeymouthKepler Workflow System
12-08-05Sirarat SarntivijaiGene Pattern
12-01-05Jeremy PhillipsMolecular Biology Integration Database
01-12-05Dan RhodesOncomine