Felix EichingerFelix Eichinger, MS

E-Mail: eichinge@umich.edu






Felix Eichinger started his studies in bioinformatics in Munich, Germany. Searching for a part time job to finance it he met Matthias Kretzler in 2004. Very soon after he started working in his group at the Department of ”Klinische Biochemie” (Medizinische Poliklinik, Head of Department: Prof. D. Schlöndorff). Under the eyes of Dr. Anissa Boucherot he got in first touch with Affymetrix microarray data and their processing.

When the Kretzler Lab moved from Munich to Ann Arbor in 2005, Felix stayed in Munich finishing his studies and came to Ann Arbor in September 2006.

Together with Celine Berthier he is currently responsible of the microarray data processing starting from normalization to significance analysis and clustering. Selected subsets of data are the passed to pathway mapping and transcription factor analysis.

He is also involved in correlating the gene expression data to clinical values for biomarker selection and prediction of future outcome.